What is TIxS?

  • System for tracking vehicles and assets TIxS is complete tracking system for fleet, vehicle and asset tracking - build of a tracking device and an intuitive, modern and feature rich application targeted.
  • Tracking device - self-installable & retrofit TIxS devices can be installed by the customer - no workshop stop is required.
  • Extensible platform The tracking device can be installed in any vehicle equipped with a cigarette lighter receptacle. Just plug in the device - no need for configuration, mobile phone contracts or registration. All devices are equipped with 2G technology and feature an integrated SIM card.

Tracking & monitoring - as a service

TIxS is an all-in-one service - tracking devices, mobile network connectivity and access to our analytics and reporting application is available as a subscription with customer-friendly terms.
  • Cutting edge technology - the TIxS application and tracking device have been designed specifically for asset tracking purposes.
  • 24/7 support - we're here to help you
  • All-in-one solution for standard use cases - contact us for customized solutions.
  • Guaranteed access to further developments - free software updates and maintanance included. We're continously making upgrades and improvements to our platform.
  • Web technology API for accessing your asset's location and status data.

How To get started

  • Sign up for a free account. Register in our web app for your personal account - it's free and just requires your eMail address and a password.
  • Log in to your account. We've already populated your account with some sample data to get you started right from the beginning.
  • Look over the documentation or contact us for any questions. We're here to help you find out if we do have the right product for your application, use case or business.
  • Subscribe for a free trial and add tracking technology to your account. After you've studied our product, you can order tracking devices and subscribe to a paid plan through our web store.

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Free trial available

We're improving our platform and adding features every day. To get you started with the TIxS platform, all new customers can sign up for a free trial period, during which we will provide you with access to our platform and a tracking device for no cost. Just sign up and choose Free Trial